We Don’t Smoke The Same!

We don’t smoke the same. Is a term you will hear a lot in California. Chances are if you hear this term coming out of someone’s mouth you are dealing with the heavyweight a heavy-hitter as we call them. A lot of California smokers are turning to concentrates rather than the traditional flower that the common smoker cannabis smoker May indulge in. So decided to set out and try some of these concentrates for myself. And believe me when I say there are just as many concentrates out there as there are flower for every strand flavor a flower you see you can best believe there’s a concentrate to go with it. Whether it’s shatter, trim run, Nug Run, live rosin, the latest and greatest sauce and diamonds or a mixture of them all. and there is definitely multiple levels of potency as well as price with the concentrates you definitely get what you pay for.

The featured concentrates I have here or by a company called Humboldt standard in the Humboldt County area all six of these flavors are delicious. The flavor AKA Terps are amazing if your ad a burn and concentrates are your thing and you are in the Humboldt area find yourself a local dispensary and get yourself one of these jars definitely any one of them will do you right guaranteed.

TERPS: is short for terpenes, which is found in the oily residue of plants, most notably the cannabis plant. It provides the unique smell and taste to each strain of cannabis




Sour Diesel20180209_164243.jpg

Grape Cookies

Sunset sherbert

Skywalker OG

Blood Orange kush20180209_164138.jpg20171212_153634.jpg20180211_084410.jpg

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