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Space monkey meds Out of Sacramento California area. One of my favorite brands that are out there. SPACE MONKEY MEDS were the 1st Canned cannabis I had the pleasure of trying. Out of all the companies I tried space monkey meds have the most flavors Available in canned form. I believe I tried almost 10 different strands that were canned by space monkey meds.

20170803_124513SPACE JACK

20171112_141536PLATINUM JACK

IMG_20170905_094340_530.jpgMONKEY SOUR

IMG_20170904_210534_651.jpgGIRL SCOUT COOKIE GSC

IMG_20170919_123634_421MEDO BREATH

IMG_20171129_060914_847XXX OG

20170827_192034GRATEFUL BREATH

20170912_113037SUPER LEAMON HAZE

There ARE multiple flavors I did not have a chance to try. As the days and months go on more flavors come out. SPACE MONKEY MEDS is the company that will give you consisted flavors. You can be assured that you will see something new almost every crop cycle. All of their strains are frosty, look nice, have a sweet smell. The taste and flavors always there really nice good size buds in all there cans. I have seen in a lot of the cans because of their size you tend to get small little nugs which sometimes isn’t your preference when you pay upwards of $60 per can. You want those nice fat frosty smelly stinking nugs. You want that frost on the top of the lid when its popped.


The grower here clearly knows what they’re doing and takes pride in their work. I also enjoy a SPACE MONKEY MEDS branding I love their logo and even the color scheme on their cans. their customer service is top in the industry. They provide THC and CBD levels on the labels of their cans. The best part of SPACE MONKEY MEDS is they are the OG of the 4gram eighth. They are the only company I see that give more to the customer base for the same price. That’s LOVE. All of the products are lab tested, But beware out there I have heard out in the community that some people will put their own product in cans. So if you’re going to be in the market for a can, be smart and hit a dispensary. To ensure you’re getting the GOODS. Great customer service great product.

Photos BY

Canna Cantina


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