Who is Billy Kimber? If you would have asked me 6 months ago to Billy Kimber was I would have told you I don’t know. Back you ask me that question today and I’ll tell you I know exactly who Billy Kimber is.


The 1st time I heard about Billy Kimber was just rumors really. I had heard there was A TRUE OG going around, At a dispensary in downtown Los Angeles. I was told that it’s a knock your socks off! A true 26% To 30% potency level. A first timers dream! ONE HITTER QUITTER!! For a standard California heavy hitting cannabis smoker, Billy Kimber is your Guy.

Originally I thought that Billy Kimber was the grower’s name and that he just named his product after himself. What I didn’t realize is that Billy Kimber is actually the Name of the strain. The company behind it is called Garrison Lane out of LA. All I know about the company is that they have extreme pride in their work their product is consistently good the Kimber especially. And as a true indulger in the cannabis, it’s nice to have consistency knowing what you’re gonna get every time you go and get it.


The 1st time I tried it I was with a friend who had acquired it from a dispensary in LA called Humbolt Pharmacy. It was a strain we hunted around for. Multiple places we went before we found the goods. The thing I like about the Kimber is it’s not a strain you find in every collective. It’s not a strain everyone carries and every grower grows. The Kimber is unique in that manner. Not everyone does it because not everyone can do it like Garrison Lane.


This is definitely not for 1st timers definitely will put you to sleep. Heavy cannabis smokers an patients with a high tolerance will enjoy this the most. You get going right off the first rip. A bong rip will set you right first hit. You must have Billy Kimber in your bag. You bust the Kimber out at any session and you automatically have the best smoke in the house.

When I had heard that at the time there was only one place to get the Billy Kimber I was determined to go I didn’t care how far I had to go or where I had to go. So I was advised of a dispensary in downtown Los Angeles named Humble Pharmacy where I could definitely find the Kimber. I was told that it might be hard to find, i was giving specific directions. It was a standard LA traffic. If you have been to downtown you know what I’m saying. It was standard LA HOT. I finally made it to Humbolt Pharmacy through traffic and heat I made it. An I must say, this was definitely not the place I thought I was gonna find the best CANNABIS that I have ever tried.

Now Billy Kimber is making its way to the Bay area several dispensaries in the Los Angeles Area. Expect to pay top shelf prices. BUT WORTH EVERY CENT!




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