wp-1521661629731.jpgSETTING THE STANDARD!

As always California setting the standard for cannabis smoking. This Style adds two thing’s to your experience.

1. TASTE! TERPS! FLAVORS! You can add a Variety of flavors from concentrated cannabis.


By applying concentrates to your cannabis you add a whole new level to the potency of your cannabis. In short HAF ( High As Fuk ).



There are several ways to apply concentrates to your cannabis. You could apply the concentrate directly to the paper. Either inside or outside paper then add the cannabis and then roll. Or you could Put the concentrate on the outside of the joint. Or you can do both. Both are better.



It’s not just about throwing some concentrate inside some papers and rolling up some weed. There is an art to it you have to apply it a certain way or you will get runs. If you put too much on the outside it could actually flame up, so be cautious when applying. Even Coats all around the whole joint is wrapped in concentrate. You have to melt down some concentrates to be able to apply it evenly, use a lighter to heat and melt apply with adab tool. But most high in quality sauces you’ll be able to just apply with ease.

Another method more common is to apply it to a bowl from either a spoon pipe or perhaps a bong. Those are good for one-hitters or personal I personally like to try to rip it all-in-one hit if possible to get the full effect of the taste and potency.


With this Style, you will get out of it what you put into it. Other words crapy concentrate crapy weed equals crapy experience so my suggestion is when or if you do try this style use high-quality cannabis concentrates and high-quality cannabis flower.



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